Join the hundreds of ACCESS Trades apprentices who have found rewarding careers in the trades.

What is apprenticeship?
Apprenticeship is paid on the job skills training combined with post-secondary education. Each trade is different and apprenticeships can take from one to five years to complete.  Most apprenticeships require four years to complete and include six to eight weeks of technical training each year.

How can I become an apprentice?
You will need to find an employer who is willing to employ you and provide you with on the job training.  Training must take place under the guidance of a certified journeyperson.

How can I be sure I am a registered apprentice?
You will receive an apprenticeship card from ITA.  The card clearly indicates your registration number and your apprenticeship number.

What should I do if I don’t have a card?

  1. If you are sponsored by ACCESS Trades contact one of our apprenticeship counsellors at 604 922-4077.
  2. If your employer is your sponsor, speak to your supervisor.
  3. If you are sponsored through a union contact the union office directly.
  4. Or contact ITA.

Do I need to go to school before I can become an apprentice?
There are two ways to enter into an apprenticeship with an employer.

  1. Direct Entry:  The employer will hire you and train you on the job.  Each year of your apprenticeship you must attend six to eight weeks of technical training.

  2. Pre-apprenticeship programs:  Pre apprenticeship programs are available for most trades.  Programs are sixteen to twenty plus weeks long. For some trades a pre-apprenticeship is a requirement.  Once you have completed your pre-apprenticeship program and are employed you must still attend technical training each year until your apprenticeship is finished. Contact an apprenticeship counselor for more information.

How do I get my work-based hours submitted to ITA?
If you are sponsored by ACCESS Trades we will collect your hours from your employer and submit them to ITA.  Please let your counselors know if you change jobs or move.  If your employer or a union sponsors you it is their responsibility to complete and submit your hours.

When I finish my apprenticeship what will I get?
You will receive your Provincial Certificate of Qualification or Red Seal Interprovincial Certification.  Red Seal Certification is recognized across Canada.  Not all trades are Red Seal Trades.  Please check with your ACCESS Apprenticeship Counselor or go to to see the list of Red Seal Trades.

Is there funding available for my tuition and living costs?
To determine your eligibility for assistance to attend training contact the Employment Services Location near your home. Please visit the Employent Assistance Program.


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